What style of Weights is right for you?

Our products include : Dumbbells, Barbells, Olympic Plates, Olympic Bars and Weight Stacks.  Our Dumbbells and Barbells are both Solid Steel and Pro Style. Our products come in Virgin Rubber Coating and Urethane Encased.

Scroll through our Products Line up for the latest up to date inventory.

There is only one Urethane Pro Style on the market and that is our Cemco Urethane Pro Style Dumbbell. For more details on this item click the link we find out more!

Elite Solid Steel Urethane Dumbbell Sets are now available.  This is the highest end of Solid Steel Urethane Dumbbell in the market.  Our Urethane is the highest grade not a TPU like most on the market. For more info click below. 

This is the original Cemco Six Hole Olympic plate on the market.

Power Grip Urethane Encased Olympic Plates by Cemco integrate an even number, symmetrical hole pattern. A six hole pattern will allow you to have a parallel, opposing grip for ease in loading, lifting and passing. Our plates come fully machined and are within a 2% accuracy in weight. Urethane Encased. Kilogram and Standard Pound Markings. Packages & plates below are priced with shipping included.

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