CEMCO Urethane Encased Pro Style Dumbbell Set

Home of the only Urethane Pro Style Dumbbells, Our Urethane Pro Style Dumbbell Sets are available within 1 week lead time for shipping. Urethane Pro Style is one of our top Selling Urethane Dumbbells and available with Dumbbell Rack


Urethane Dumbbell Sets available 5-50lb, 55-100lb, 5-100lb, 105-125lb

Upon request 130-150lb and 155-200lbs (Waiver Needed)


  • Urethane Encased Plates

  • Aluminum Weight Stickers with Industrial Strength Adhesive

  • Urethane Encased Steel End Plate

  • 32mm Hard Chrome American Made Handles, Medium Knurl Handle

  • High Grade Urethane Encased Steel Plates

  • Handle Size plate to Plate 5..75"

  • Grade 8 Aircraft Quality 1/2-20 Fine Thread Bolts and Locking compound paste applied to bolts before assembly.

  • Urethane Encased Steel End Plate, Steel Insert is machined to a radius.

  • 32mm Handle Machined 12L 14 Ledloy Steel Bar Stock with industrial Chrome Plating and a diamond cut positive medium knurl.

  • 100% Tread depth in handle to assure a secure hold when bolts are inserted during assembly.

  • Plate Diameter: 2.5lb = 5" Diameter .74" Thick;5lb = 6.5" Diameter .84" Thick;7.5lb = 7.5" Diameter .92" Thick;10lb = 8.25" Diameter 95" Thick

  • Dumbbells are Designed and Assembled in the USA

Delivery Turnaround: Usually ships within 5 to 7 business days

    *** Cemco reserves the right to make changes in design and/or materials without notice.


   **** All reference to weight is approximate and Cemco is not liable for any variation in poundage.